Volleyball Tune-up Sessions


How do we get better results?

Better results when you play are the result of proper execution of your volleyball fundamentals (hitting, forearm passing, volleying, serving, blocking).  and in order to succesfully execute them, you must move the right way.  This is were proper volleyball mechanics are critical for better results!  

This 12-week program is designed to give the participants a chance to succeed by learning how to move and execute properly all the key volleyball fundamental skills. 

This program is ideal for all 11U-16U age players that want to get better during the summer.  Players have 2 levels they can register at.  The program goes from June 16th to September 2nd.
Pre-ZOOM meeting June 9th (only those registered)

Level 1:  Ideal for ages 8-12 years old (10U to 13U next season).  This 12-week session will Focus on Ready positions, lateral, front and backward movements to get to the ball and make proper and efficient contact.  We will focus on passing (hands, and forearms), setting, hitting preparation, hitting execution, underhand and overhand serves.  $250 per participant.  $25 off if you register with a friend.  You can select to attend Tuedays or Wednesdays.

Tuesdays (! spot available):  7-8pm    Maximum 10 participants.


Level 2:  Ideal for ages 13-15 years old 14U to 16U next season).  This 12-week session will have the same focus as level 1 with the addition of:  Blocking, Defensive readiness and court coverage, smart hitting, and jump serving.  $250 per participant.  $25 off if you register with  a friend.  You can select to attend Tuesdays or wednesdays.

Tuesdays  (FULL) OR Wednesdays:  (2 spots available)  8-9pm  Maximum 10 participants.

The 12 week progressive program will be lead by coach Sergio Chuy:

-Level 1 certified Coach (Developmental level)
-Level 2 trained coach (Advanced Developmental Level)
-Certified High Five principles for youth training 
-2019 Team Ontario White (15U Girls Program)
-2018 Regional coach at HPC and Ontario Summer Games (Bronze medal-Region 3 Girls)

-Girls club coach for 11U through 15U age categories
-Camp Director for Crosscourt Volleyball youth summer and march break camps
-Camp Director for London's only volleyball Bootcamp
-Over 20 years of experience coaching Volleyball and Soccer

-Over 28 years as Provincial Level Volleyball Referee

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"We were introduced to coach Sergio a couple of years ago, after a friend recommended his fall boot camp program. Since then, our daughters have participated in several of his programs, including the summer volleyball tune-up sessions.  The session drills run tight with a high number of reps and are fast-paced with appropriate, but limited downtime. As a result, athlete improvements are noticed quickly. Sessions are sized appropriately, which offers great coach/player ratio, and allows Sergio to provide direction and feedback to each individual player throughout each session. Sergio provides positive reinforcement and is clear on his expectations of working hard, giving your best, but most importantly, having fun."
Jamie L.

"This program really helped my daughter improve her skills during the summer break and truly prepares them for the tryouts. Very organized program and tons of fun. Sergio is persistent with player improvement recognizing individual's areas of growth as he dedicates equal time to the players one on one getting results. Sergio is a great communicator, always giving the players/ parents feedback. He is vocal and displays intensity  keeping them at a high level. Overall, I highly recommend this program offered by coach Sergio if your child is interested to improve her volleyball skills and want to be in their best shape for tryouts."
Melinda P.

"Both of my daughters have participated in Sergio's CrossCourt programs, and love it! The sessions were well planned out, fast paced and enjoyable for the athletes. The athletes improve their fundamental volleyball skills very quickly with the close coaching attention they received. Along with  skill improvement, the sessions focused a lot on movement development which transferred well to the court. I highly recommend these positive, well coached sessions for any child looking to improve their fundamentals and ability to move efficiently on the court."
Rob T.

Skills Tune-up Clinics

Skills tune-up clinics

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